Hach Hall - New LEED Gold Chemistry Building

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa

Hach Hall is a state-of-the-art $74.5 million, 135,000-square-foot chemistry facility that opened on the ISU campus. The new three-story facility received LEED Gold certification from the Green Building Certification Institute. Housed on the second and third floors are 24 synthetic chemistry research laboratories, supporting approximately 120 graduate students and office spaces for 20 faculty and support staff members. The first floor consists of three classrooms and laboratories for organic and inorganic chemistry along with a student lounge space, the instrument services department, and building services. The basement houses spaces for up to eight analytical chemistry laboratories, their associated write-up and support spaces as well as building services.

A plate heat exchanger was designed in each 100% outside air laboratory air handling unit to reclaim heat off the lab exhaust and temper incoming outside air. Our selected heat exchanger is more efficient than the ASHRAE minimum requirements for this type of building.  The project also included a variable volume fume hood arrangement for a 260 plus fume hood installation. With the VAV system and zone presence sensors, energy cost will be cut roughly in half from a base code compliant laboratory building.  We also designed a change in ISU’s laboratory air flow requirements to reduce energy cost and to be more inline with current design trends and code limits.  There is also a rain water reclamation system where storm water is collected and stored in a below grade tank to be used for urinals and water closets.

Henneman was responsible for all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, information technology, and MEP/IT related LEED/sustainable design services. We provided lighting analysis, including light level calculations in all public areas, offices, and laboratories. Providing the public space with a flexible lighting design to allow it to adapt to multi-functional space (lounge, small collaboration areas, large meeting/ presentations) was an important goal of the Chemistry Department. The use of LED lighting was also researched.

ACEC Iowa awarded Henneman Engineering the Grand Place Award (1st Place) for this project in the Buildings and Systems Category of the 2012 Engineering Excellence Awards Competition.

Completion Date

Square Feet
135,000 square feet

Total Construction Budget