Davenport Public Library - Eastern Avenue Branch

City of Davenport

Davenport, Iowa

This new branch library extends the reach of the Davenport Library System to the northeastern portions of Davenport and provides the library system with a show piece for environmentally conscious construction.  The design team attended several board meetings to provide information and guidance in determining the appropriate HVAC system for the project and to ensure the proper implementation of the geothermal system that was chosen.  The amount of board and architect interaction led to a well integrated design that meets the original vision and intent of the project.

Some of the sustainable design features include a geothermal heating and cooling system with a vertical bore well field, displacement ventilation, daylight harvesting, and low water consumption fixtures.  The lighting design was an interesting challenge due to the balance between providing the requested light levels while maintaining an energy efficient design.  This project demonstrates the affordability of an energy efficient, environmentally conscious design which when designed and executed correctly, can enhance the experience throughout the life of the building.

Henneman Engineering is responsible for complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, information technology, and audio-visual design as well as LEED services.

Target LEED Certification: Basic

Completion Date

Square Feet
26,412 square feet

Total Construction Budget