Energy Plant Renovation and Chiller Distribution Upgrades

Oakton Community College

Des Plaines, Illinois


Henneman Engineering is providing engineering design for the Energy Plant Renovation and Chiller Distribution upgrades at Oakton Community College on their Des Plaines campus. This modernization includes replacement of the existing centrifugal chillers with three new 550-ton high efficiency centrifugal chillers (n+1 redundancy), cooling towers, and condenser water pumps, on the heating side; replacement of controls for the existing electric boilers with new direct digital controls coupled with the new heating hot water boilers located elsewhere in the facility. These changes will provide lower utility bills and greater reliability. The project will also design for integration between all Direct Digital controllers on the new boilers and chillers into the new campus BAS system.

Henneman is producing a construction sequencing diagram to mitigate heating and cooling system disruptions from construction activities to the campus. The existing chilled water and hot water piping distribution system are being modified to include provisions for any changes required by the new chillers and boilers. Henneman is also looking at possibilities to use roof storm water runoff as cooling tower makeup by re-using/reallocating the existing abandoned heating hot water storage tanks.

Completion Date

Total Construction Budget